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Are Mathematical and Scientific Models different?

Autor: Ian Galloway

Fach:  MINT

Schlagwörter: Modellierung, Parabel, Physik, Quadratisch, Software, Tangente, Vektorrechnung

Using the fitting of curves to cables this activity examines the nature of scientific and mathematical modeling. Either student instruction or CPD for professionals.

The Rover can Power and Drive learning in the classroom

Autor: Sanjeev Meston

Fach:  Mathematik, Physik, MINT

Schlagwörter: Programmierung, Algebra, Programmieren, Funktionen, Graphen zeichnen, , MINT, T3, TI-Innovator, 

The Rover can Power and Drive learning in the classroom
The TI-Innovator Rover provides a great opportunity to strive for multi-dimensional STEM focused integrated learning.

traffic light

Autor: Christian Zöpfl

Fach:  MINT

Schlagwörter: Optimierung, 

TI Innovator controls trafic lights and pedestrian lights that operate temporarily when necessary

New Generation of Data Collection Tools

Verlag: T³ Türkiye

Autor: Yunus Emre Doğan

Fach:  Mathematik, MINT

Schlagwörter: Lineare Regression, Regression, , MINT, T3, Temperatur, TI-Innovator, Tipps und Tricks

This is a wide-ranging workshop which will delve into the different areas from sensors, probes, coding with TI-84 and HUB to limitations and solutions.

Peltier Home

Autor: İsmail DÖNMEZ, Gultekin Cakmakci

Fach:  MINT

Schlagwörter: Beschleunigung, Algebra, Dynamische Simulation, Funktionen, Mathematisches Denken, Mechanik, Modellierung, Physik, , Stochastik

The aim of this activity is to obtain electrical energy with the difference of temperature by running reverse operation.

New Planet

Autor: İsmail DÖNMEZ, Gultekin Cakmakci

Fach:  Informatik, MINT

Schlagwörter: , MINT, Tipps und Tricks

Main aim of this activity is letting participants to solve pre-determined tasks on a maze, using their coding, engineering and mathematical skills during the process.

Introductie van de TI-Innovator

Verlag: Erich Mommers

Herausgeber: Erich Mommers

Autor: Erich Mommers

Fach:  MINT

Schlagwörter: Lua, Tipps und Tricks, Programmierung

Introductie TI-Innovator Hub

Forensic science

Autor: Cathy Baars

Fach:  Andere, MINT

Schlagwörter: Materialien zum Bestellen, 

Materials used during Sharing Inspiration 2019 about Forensic science

Safe autonomous driving

Autor: Donatella Falciai

Fach:  Informatik, MINT

Schlagwörter: Analysis, Programmieren, Integralrechnung, Modellierung, Physik, Programmierung, MINT, T3, , 

A “master” rover is followed by one or more rovers in a line. Based on color signals on the road the master stops or park; the followers read the ranger sensor and keep a safe distance from...

From the first steps with Rover to autonomous driving (parallel parking)

Autor: Ralph Huste, Hubert Langlotz

Fach:  MINT, Informatik


Starting with simple commands to let the Rover move we will try to show how a simple
model of autonomous driving can be realized.

Is it time to water the plant?

Verlag: Texas Instruments Inc.

Autor: Harshal Chhaya

Fach:  Biologie, Informatik, Physik, MINT

Schlagwörter: Biologie, Programmieren, Experimentieren, 

This activity uses a moisture sensor with the TI Innovator Hub to decide if it's time to water a plant.

TI -Innovator-System für MINT - Abstandsregelung für TI-Rover

Autor: Hans-Martin Hilbig

Fach:  MINT

Schlagwörter: E-Learning, Programmieren, Sharing Inspiration 2017, MINT, , Youtube

Der Rover erkennt Objekte (oder einen vorausfahrenden Rover) innerhalb eines programmierten Bereichs und hält einen konstanten Abstand zum Objekt bei Annäherung oder Entfernung.

Video | MINT med TI-Nspire - Experiment

Verlag: Texas Instruments Sverige

Fach:  MINT

Schlagwörter: Sharing Inspiration 2017, MINT

Utöka programmering till STEM-experiment genom att läsa data från sensorer med hjälp av TI-Innovator Hub

Video | Widget Rita i fysik och matematik - Matematiska figurer

Verlag: T³ Sverige

Fach:  Mathematik, MINT

TI-Nspire™ Widget & Matematiska figurer version.(12.10.2018)

Video | Widget Rita i fysik och matematik - Kraftfigur

Verlag: T³ Sverige

Fach:  Physik, MINT

Schlagwörter: Beschleunigung, Physik, Tipps und Tricks

TI-Nspire™ Widget & Kraftfigur (version 12.10.2018)