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How can physics and maths help each other?

Publisher: T³ Nederland

Author: Cathy Baars

Topic:  Mathematics, Physics

Tags: Sharing Inspiration 2019

In my school there is no collaboration between maths and physics teachers. I think that is a pity because both subjects can benefit from each other.

Die Spezialfälle der thermischen Zustandsgleichung idealer Gase

Publisher: Texas Instruments Education Technology

Editor: T3 Deutschland - Materialien

Author: Jürgen Enders

Topic:  Physics

Die thermische Zustandsgleichung beschreibt den Zustand des idealen Gases bezüglich seiner
Zustandsgrößen p, V, T und N. Der Zusammenhang der Größen wird untersucht.

The Rover can Power and Drive learning in the classroom

Author: Sanjeev Meston

Topic:  Mathematics, Physics, STEM

Tags: Programming, Algebra, Coding, Functions, Graphing, Sharing Inspiration 2019, STEM, T3, TI-Innovator, TI-Innovator Rover

The Rover can Power and Drive learning in the classroom
The TI-Innovator Rover provides a great opportunity to strive for multi-dimensional STEM focused integrated learning.

Automated Lock

Author: Medhat Merabi, Mohamed AbdelBaqi

Topic:  Physics

Tags: Chemistry, Sharing Inspiration 2019

This is a program to unlock a door using servo and loudness sensor

Is it time to water the plant?

Publisher: Texas Instruments Inc.

Author: Harshal Chhaya

Topic:  Biology, Computer Science, Physics, STEM

Tags: Biology, Coding, Experiment, Sharing Inspiration 2019

This activity uses a moisture sensor with the TI Innovator Hub to decide if it's time to water a plant.

Video | Widget Rita i fysik och matematik - Kraftfigur

Publisher: T³ Sverige

Topic:  Physics, STEM

Tags: Acceleration, Physics, Tips and tricks

TI-Nspire™ Widget & Kraftfigur (version 12.10.2018)

Video | Widget "Rita i fysik"

Publisher: T³ Sverige

Topic:  Mathematics, Physics, STEM

Tags: Acceleration, Engineering, STEM, Youtube

TI-Nspire™ Widgets  (version 12.10.2018)