Temperature, what it means and how we measure it. History of the development of the concept of temperature, from Hippocrates to Fahrenheit and the modern day..

Verlag: T³ Europe

Autor: Ian Galloway

Fach:  Physics

Schlagwörter: Temperature, Environment, Ice, Sustainability, Sharing Inspiration 2022

Smart Irrigation System for TI-Nspire CX

Students are challenged to use science and technology to design and build a system that utilizes a limited amount of water in a “smart” way to grow crops.

Autor: Texas Instruments Inc.

Fach:  STEM

Schlagwörter: Biology, Coding, Ecology, Ecosystem, Electricity, Engineering, Environment, Environmental impact, Farming, Food, Greentech, Soil, STEM, Temperature, TI-Innovator