Electrical and Mechatronic Engineering programs for TI-84 family

On www.ti84.org TI-Basic programs about Electrical and Mechatronic engineering, mathematics and control system theory for TI-84 Plus (CE) are discussed. Highschool & University level. Download free.

Verlag: ti84.org

Autor: Frie Boon

Fach:  Mathematik  Physik  Informatik

Schlagwörter  Electric Engineering ,  Netzwerkanalyse ,  Dreiphasenwechselstrom ,  Elektrische Leistung ,  Einschwingvorgang ,  Fourier Transformation ,  Bode-Diagramm ,  Nyquist-Diagramm ,  Differenzialgleichungen ,  Eigenwerte

The website www.ti84.org is divided in five main topic namely

Each topic offers many programs that can be downloaded for free. For example, the Electrical Engineering page offers more than 20 programs for analyzing electrical systems problems. Subjects include network analysis with a complex solver up to four variables, series and parallel resonance, power analysis, TRMs and average calculator, three-phase theory with symmetric and asymmetric loads, Fourier analysis, digital code transformers, etc.

The Control System page offers unique programs such as the eigenvalue calculator for a 4x4 matrix, the Bode and Nyquist diagrams, and partial fraction decomposition for inverse Laplace.

On the page Mathematics for Engineering, the first-order and second-order differential equation solvers are explained. Additionally, a function generator can be downloaded to construct input functions for several programs on the website. Other programs include calculating limits and MacLaurin series, and more.

The page "Dynamics of Mechanical Systems" offers programs and methods to analyze the dynamic behavior of mass-spring systems with damping using the second-order differential equation solver and Bode diagram programs.

At the end, we have the Page Homework Check, which shows how to check your analytical solutions of derivatives, integrals, and differential equations with the TI-84.

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