Can we reach “truth” with digital tools?

Through surprising examples, using dynamic geometry, we show that technological tools not necessarily make it possible to reach "the truth", which is however what mathematics is supposed to reach.

Autor: Jean-Jacques Dahan

Fach:  Mathematik

Schlagwörter  Geometrie ,  Raumgeometrie ,  Modellierung ,  Morphing

It is commonly accepted that Truth in science is the prerogative of mathematics. The presentation I gave at the T3IC unconference in Fort Worth aims to raise awareness that the use of digital tools can be problematic to reach the truth. The title of this presentation is “Can we reach “truth” with digital tools?”. From surprising examples, resulting from my expertise in the use of dynamic geometry (using the Cabri and TI-NSpire environments), I try to show the beauty of the Mathematics-Technology association. The playlist UNCONF T3IC FORT WORTH JJDAHAN of my YouTube channel, composed of 6 videos gives an idea of the given presentation. The crucial role of modeling is shown through the visualization of paradoxes, surprising morphing, the basic step of the Cha Cha dance. These examples can inspire teachers to stimulate the creative spirit of their students, to encourage them each time to doubt what technological tools give them and to seek to change the angle of attack of their problems.

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