Numerical Methods of Solving Equations to Develop Computational Thinking and Math Learning

Computational Thinking is of growing interest in many countries. It’s at the edge to become a explicit mathematical skill in new curricula.

Verlag: T³ Europe

Herausgeber: Ian Galloway

Autor: Raul Gonçalves

Fach:  Mathematik  Informatik

Schlagwörter  Computational Thinking ,  Programmieren ,  Sharing Inspiration 2022

The development of Computational Thinking is a growing concern in many countries. In Portugal we are now at a stage where this is a mathematical skill becoming explicit in the new curricula, having started this year in elementary school. In 2024, the new curricula are expected to reach the high school students' classroom and, with them, also the use of the Python programming language, sometimes linked to working with numerical methods for solving equations.

This webinar will show how some of these methods, Newton-Raphson and Bisection, are used in math learning, using TI-Nspire CX II-T technology and in particular the built-in micro-Python.

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