Recording of Sharing Inspiration: Applied Mathematics – a tribute to Leonhard Euler’s 315th birthday

Famous mathematician Leonhard Euler. Expected and unexpected occurrences of e, approached with Python programming. Measuring angels with the help of gravity. Accuracy, Precision, Resolution.

Verlag: T³ Europe

Herausgeber: Ian Galloway

Autor: Hubert Langlotz, Hans-Martin Hilbig, Veit Berger

Fach:  Mathematik  Informatik

Schlagwörter  Sharing Inspiration 2022 ,  Maße ,  Python

Part 1, Dr. Hubert Langlotz: "Some Examples for the occurrence of the number e"
Some known and may be some unexpected occurrences of the number e are depicted and it is shown how we can use different TI-Nspire Apps to find approximations of the number e. Especially some little Python programs (by Veit Berger) are included.

Part 2, Hans-Martin Hilbig: Enhance angular precision of a MEMS sensor using Euler angles
Euler angles and their mathematical dependencies are used to enhance the angular precision of accelerometer sensors in modern electronic devices like smartphones and fitness watches. The sensor fusion technique will be explained in an implementation example in MicroPython on the TI-Nspire CX II-T CAS.

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Sharing Inspiration 2022: Applied Mathematics – a tribute to Leonhard Euler’s 315th birthday-20220414 1502-1 

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