TI Innovator HUB : RGB Energy monitoring system

Use the TI Innovator HUB to measure an analog voltage, display the value of the ADC on screen and callibrate it back to voltage. Use a tension divider and use the RGB led to give a indication.

Verlag: Franklin Neyt

Fach:  MINT

Schlagwörter  Energie ,  MINT ,  Youtube

In this video i explain how you can measure voltage with the TI Innovator HUB. I also explain how you can convert the value of the analog to digital convertor back to voltage. If the input voltage is bigger then 3,3V you can damage the hub. Therefore it's recomended to use a voltmeter and a circuit called a tenstion divider. This circuit is also explained. At last the measurement is used to calculate wich color should be indicated on the onbaord RGB LED. The color goes from RED to ORANGE to YELLOW to LIGHT GREEN and becomes at max vaulue DARK GEEN.


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