An Introduction to Programming with the TI-Innovator Rover

A step by step introduction to programming with the TI-Innovator Rover using the TI-Nspire CX CAS

Autor: Luc Blomme

Fach:  Informatik  Mathematik

Schlagwörter  Programmierung ,  Sharing Inspiration 2019 ,  Software

The TI-Nspire technology offers an excellent platform to introduce from scratch in the classroom, the concept of coding. Why is this new and interesting? Because the TI-Innovator Rover moves. The Rover adds a physical dimension to the verbal, symbolic and graphic representations. It turns programming into a fun activity.

Controlling the behavior of the Rover through a (simple or more advanced) program on the TI-Nspire handheld is an attractive and rewarding activity for pupils from all ages of secondary school. 

In this presentation we will introduce the basic concepts of programming and apply them to writing programs for the Rover from very basic to quite creative and challenging.

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