The development of concepts by using prefabricated applets

An important phase of learning mathematics is the realization of concepts. The learning process usually proceeds in two phases: The experimental phase and the exactifying phase.

Autor: Gertrud Aumayr, Helmut Heugl

Fach:  Mathematik

Schlagwörter  Sharing Inspiration 2019

Especially in the experimental phase visualizing, experimenting by using slider bars or simulating dynamic processes can lead to conjectures. Two sorts of tools can be used:

a) Prefabricated applets offered by TI education materials or produced by the teacher

b) Tools produced by the students

Topic of this workshop will be the development of the following concepts:

• Limits of sequences and real functions

• The differential quotient

• The integral

In this workshop we will first present some prefabricated applets and let the participants experiment with them. Together with the participants we will then develop such applets from scratch and suggest some applets which students can create for themselves.


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