traffic light

TI Innovator controls trafic lights and pedestrian lights that operate temporarily when necessary

Autor: Christian Zöpfl

Fach:  MINT

Schlagwörter  Optimierung ,  Sharing Inspiration 2019

Main Idea

The idea to implement a simple controlling circuit, using a TI Innovator in a vivid and close to real life example. Pedestrian lights that operate temporarily when necessary should be installed at a pedestrian crossing. The traffic lights should switch to the red light and after actuating a switch, subsequently to the green light again.


  • The traffic lights are simulated with simple LED lamps.
  • The trigger signal for changing the light is tripped by a switch
  • The program is required to work continuously, a brightness sensor is used to stop the process.

Creative Commons license - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike


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