The Use of CAS in Exams

The Use of CAS in Exams - A lecture at the T3 International Conference in Chicago, March 2017

Autor: Helmut Heugl

Fach:  Mathematik

Schlagwörter  Funktionen ,  Sharing Inspiration 2019 ,  T3 ,  Forschung

In the first part of the lecture, frameworks like the NCTM Standards and German or Austrian Competence Models for Standards will be presented which are necessary for the following studies.

The lecture will continue by investigating the influence of CAS in the quality and struc-ture of exams (written exams in the classroom as well as final exams). Exams in coun-tries where CAS tools are admitted will be compared with exams in countries where CAS is forbidden. Examples of exams in countries like Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Australia will be compared.

Generally the influence of tests in the quality and the output of the educational process will be discussed and changes caused by the use of CAS in teaching, learning and testing will be demonstrated.

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