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Power and Exponential Laws

Modelling situations where experimental data suggests there may be either power or exponential functions

Barrie Galpin


Schlagwörter Exponential, Powers and roots, Scattergraphs, Logarithms, Modelling

TI-Nspire’s regression tools can easily fit equations such as y = axb (Power law) or y=a.bx (Exponential law) to experimental data. However, traditional methods involved looking for a straight-line graph when log10 y was plotted either against log10 x or against x. In some examinations, students are still asked to use logs in this way and this activity is designed to help students understand why this method works.

Contents include:

  • Teacher Notes (17 pages including worksheet solutions);
  • Two TI-Nspire documents with data for Power Law and Exponential Law;
  • Two students worksheets;
  • Two Powerpoint presentations to support those who are unfamiliar with TI-Nspire.