Car Travel Safety – your life is in your hands

Mathematical modeling and experimental analysis of car collisions and passenger's behaviour, travelling without seatbelts.

Autor: Alexandre Gomes

Fach:  MINT

Schlagwörter  Physik ,  Youtube

The situation of children traveling in a car without a seat belt or on an adult's lap is still very common today. In fact, there seems to be no clear perception of the enormous risk involved, since even at moderate traffic speeds, extreme force will be required to immobilize this passenger in the event of a collision, preventing it from being projected in the interior of the car or even out of it, leading to injuries that are often fatal.

In this activity, students are requested to, using TI-Nspire technology, define a theoretical model that is capable of predicting the intensity of a passenger's holding force for different vehicle speeds before the crash, and verify the validity of the model, using sensors.

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