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Air Resistance

Motion data from weighted cones shows air resistance varies as the square of terminal speed

Verlag: Texas Instruments UK

Herausgeber: Barrie Galpin

Autor: Ian Galloway

Fach:  Physik  MINT

Schlagwörter  Physik

In this activity students use the CBR2 to record motion data of a falling paper cone weighted with a piece of plasticene. It is possible to use TI-Nspire to show that the cone achieves a terminal speed. When that occurs the combined weight of the cone and plasticene must equal the air resistance.

By repeating the experiment for various weights it is possible to show that air resistance varies as the square of terminal speed.

There are more details about this activity in Capturing Data: Modelling and Interpretation, one of a series of booklets presenting STEM Activities with TI-Nspire, published by Texas Instruments in April 2010.

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