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The T³™ – Teachers Teaching with Technology™ – organization began in North America over 25 years ago and has provided professional development to tens of thousands of teachers since its inception. As the expectations for mathematics and science education have evolved, Texas Instruments has encouraged and supported the creation and growth of the T³ organization to ensure the wide availability of professional development that addresses student achievement through the appropriate use of technology.


Exploring “What’s Typical?” Using Graphical Displays of Data

Many statistical investigations revolve around the question, “What’s typical?” Well-chosen graphs can help answer that question. What kinds of graphs, and what features of those graphs, are…

Autor: T³ USA

Fach:  Mathematics

Schlagwörter: Statistics

Getting a Head Start in Your Calculus Classroom

Join two AP* Calculus Question Leaders to see how TI technology can enhance the “Big Ideas” in the AP* Calculus Framework and encourage students to engage in the Mathematical Practices for …

Autor: T³ USA

Fach:  Mathematics

Mixing up Math and Science

Join us to explore a colorful and engaging application of ratios.

Autor: T³ USA

Fach:  Mathematics, Computer Science

Schlagwörter: Tutorial, STEM

Writing Successful Grants

Join two experienced grant writers to gain insight on how to develop a winning proposal and bring your vision to life.

Autor: T³ USA

Fach:  Other

Schlagwörter: Tutorial