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Muziek en Wiskunde

Author: Ludovic Wallaart

Topic:  Mathematics, STEM

Tags: Frequency, Trigonometry

Direct toepasbaar in de klas waarmee leerlingen wiskundige denkvaardigheden trainen

A Lunar Ellipse

Author: Ian Galloway

Topic:  STEM

Tags: 3D Geometry, Coding, Algebra, Randomness, Angles, STEM, Area, T3, Ellipse, TI-Innovator, Frequency, Modelling, Physics, Sine

Students consider the question "What is the shape of the curve forming the terminator of the crescent moon?" They then calculate the area of the crescent and graph its variation over one m…

Premier League Goals

Author: Barrie Galpin

Tags: Data, Frequency, Sport, Probability

Compare frequencies of goals scored per team per match and resulting scorelines.

Relative Frequency

Author: Barrie Galpin

Tags: Frequency, Probability

Animation comparing absolute and relative frequencies for simulated dice throws and coin tosses