Calculating the Temperature of the Earth

The mean temperature of the Earth can be calculated using the Stefan-Boltzmann law of radiation. Your students will understand how models of global warming can be constructed. SDG, 13,14 an…

Publisher: T³ Europe

Author: Ian Galloway

Topic:  Mathematics, Physics

Tags: Temperature, Sustainability, Sharing Inspiration 2022


Temperature, what it means and how we measure it. History of the development of the concept of temperature, from Hippocrates to Fahrenheit and the modern day..

Publisher: T³ Europe

Author: Ian Galloway

Topic:  Physics

Tags: Temperature, Environment, Ice, Sustainability, Sharing Inspiration 2022

Billarm för husdjuren - STEM-Projekt - TI-Nspire CX

I detta projekt ska eleverna bygga och programmera en enkel återkopplings- och kontrolloop.

Publisher: T³ Sverige

Topic:  Mathematics, Physics

Tags: Physics, Problem Solving, Programming, STEM, Temperature

New Generation of Data Collection Tools

This is a wide-ranging workshop which will delve into the different areas from sensors, probes, coding with TI-84 and HUB to limitations and solutions.

Publisher: T³ Türkiye

Author: Yunus Emre Doğan

Topic:  Mathematics, STEM

Tags: Linear regression, Regression, Sharing Inspiration 2019, STEM, T3, Temperature, TI-Innovator, Tips and tricks

An European TI-Nspire Science Pilot 2012

The TI-Nspire Lab Cradle - a solution to investigate work in science supporting students' understanding through the use of technology

Publisher: T³ Europe

Editor: Ian Galloway

Author: Abdel Yazi, Armando Severino, Cathy Baars, Fernanda Neri, Fiona Dickens, Frank Liebner, Jean-Louis Balas, Lee Fox, Olivier Douvere, Petra Ryrstedt, Sanja Herrström, T³ Europe

Topic:  Biology, Chemistry, Physics, STEM

Tags: STEM, Temperature, Time, Physics

Uppvärmning med en vattenkokare

Ma 2 - Algebra | Mät upp en mängd vatten, ca 0,5 liter, och häll vattnet i en vattenkokare

Author: Texas Instruments Sverige | Education Technology

Topic:  Mathematics

Tags: Algebra, Curriculum, Data collection, Functions, Temperature

Laboration - Boyles lag

Avsikten med försöket är att finna sambandet mellan trycket och volymen hos en gas vid konstant temperatur.

Author: Texas Instruments Sverige | Education Technology

Topic:  Physics

Tags: Data collection, Physics, Temperature

Effekten hos en vattenkokare

Avsikten med försöket är dels att undersöka hur temperaturen hos vattnet i kokaren förändras vid konstant energitillförsel dels att bestämma storleken på den till vattnet avgivna effekten.

Author: Texas Instruments Sverige | Education Technology

Topic:  Physics

Tags: Curriculum, Temperature

Step by Step Physics on the TI-Nspire CX

Learn how to solve Physics problems step by step in Mechanics, Kinematics, Waves, Energy, Magnetism, Electricity, Circuits, Gas Laws, Planets and more

Author: SmartSoft

Topic:  Physics

Tags: Atomic Physics, Electricity, Electromagnetism, Magnetism, Mechanics, Physics, Temperature, Velocity

Temperature Conversions

At what temperature does the number of degrees C equal the number of degrees F?

Publisher: Texas Instruments UK

Editor: Barrie Galpin

Topic:  Mathematics, STEM, Physics

Tags: Positive/negative numbers, Temperature, Use of scales, Physics