Meet the Wonder Workshop Dash

Introduction to the Wonder Workshop Dash with TI technology and programming Dash with a set of Geometry challenges for middle school and high school students.

Publisher: Texas Instruments Inc., Texas Instruments Education Technology

Topic:  Informatik  Mathematik  MINT

Tags  2D Flächen ,  Winkel ,  Geometrie ,  Programmierung ,  Python ,  Rectangles ,  Dreieck

Meet the Wonder Workshop Dash


Get started with Dash by learning the fundamentals of the Dash technology and then programming Dash for a set of Geometry challenges.


Dash from the top

Dash inputs and outputs

Connecting Dash to the calculator

Dash's orientation on virtual grid

3D Printing an optional marker holder

Creating a Dash program

Running a Dash program

Editing a program and running again

Dash menus

Getting your Dash moving

Making sounds with Dash

Setting Dash colors

Exploring angles

Driving Dash to solve logic challenges


Project Resources  

TI-84 Plus CE Python

Download Activity Presentation   PDF link   Powerpoint .pptx  link

Download Python Programs        Zip


TI-Nspire CXII Python - Coming January 2023

Download Activity Presentation   PDF link   Powerpoint .pptx  link




3D Printing a Marker Holder

Download 3D print file   STL link 




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Publisher specific license