TI-Nspire CAS in Engineering Mathematics: Library of Laplace Transforms

Laplace transformation and inverse Laplace transformation

Publisher: T³ Europe

Author: T³ Europe, Michel Beaudin

Topic:  MINT


Even though you can easily define your own "Laplace transform" function, convergence problems or problems involving piecewise continuous functions appear rapidly. We will use the library ETS to check many known transforms.

We also deal with the inverse Laplace transform and shows why the built-in "expand" function of TI-Nspire CAS also constitutes a fantastic tool to find an inverse Laplace transform of many rational functions.

With the library ETS we compute several inverse Laplace transforms and we will show an example of using the "fold" function.

And we also define the convolution of two signals, using an integral.  

To be able to use the tns file below, you need to save "ETS_specfunc.tns" in the TI-Nspire CAS "Mylib" folders and refresh your libraries.

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