Mediators of Triangles

Investigate where mediators of different triangles meet

Publisher: Texas Instruments UK

Editor: Barrie Galpin

Topic:  Mathematik

Tags  Geometrie

This activity demonstrates the power of the dynamic geometry features of TI-Nspire to investigate a geometrical situation more quickly and accurately than would be possible using pencil and paper.

The aim is for students to investigate where the mediators of a triangle meet and to make and test theories for types of triangles. How do the angles of the triangle affect the position of the point where the mediators intersect?

There are three versions of the activity aimed at students with differing levels of skill and experience with TI-Nspire. In one version students, guided by a 3-page handout, start with a blank TI-Nspire document. The other versions provide ready-made tns files offering different levels of student support.

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