Linear, Quadratic and Cubic Function Explorer

Explore linear, quadratic and cubic functions, their graphs and their different algebraic representations.

Publisher: Texas Instruments UK

Editor: Barrie Galpin

Author: Nevil Hopley

Topic:  Mathematik

Tags  Linear ,  Quadratisch ,  Potenzen und Wurzeln ,  Koordinatensysteme ,  Diskriminante

The aim of this .tns file is to provide an environment in which students can explore all aspects of linear, quadratic and cubic functions, their graphs and their equivalent algebraic representations.

The lower left part of the screen displays the algebraic form of the current function and by scrolling this can be seen in expanded form, factorised form or homogeneous form. Students can dynamically alter any of the functions by dragging points on the graphs that are the basis for that function, and they can see how the algebraic forms of the function change accordingly.

In addition, pairs of coordinates can be entered on the right-hand side in order to see if the corresponding point lies on the function or not.

There are two tns files: a colour version highlights the links between the algebra and the graphs, while the monochrome one gives the option to avoid this should you wish to do so.

Note: The Teacher notes for this activity were created in a previous version of TI-Nspire OS when the Notes Application did not allow for suppression of the quotes symbol.

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